Thursday, May 28, 2009

We had a great Memorial Day Weekend around here. Hannah graduated high school with Smoky Mountain Home Educators Association on Saturday the 23rd. In attendance for her graduation was Tyler, her older brother! It was so great to have him home for the weekend, as we all have missed him very much. Leisa left in the wee morning hours on Tuesday the 26th to return him to Edgewood/Aberdeen. I only wish that we had had more time with him. However, if all goes as planned, he'll be home for good in 3 more weeks.

Health-wise, I have not witnessed much progress since the crash. I am having all of my medical records and xrays sent to Dr. Ronald Christopher in Morristown, who happens to be an orthopedic doctor that I've seen before, and trust very well. There is a very high chance that he will opt to do surgery on my pelvis in order to secure the bones together so that they can properly heal. I've been on total bed rest since this happened, and I haven't noticed much of a change in anything as far as pain goes and the ability to feel the broken bones rubbing together. The only positive note that I have to share is the fact that the bruising has gone away, so everything is back to normal color. The major concern at this time is whether or not I will ever be able to walk again on a prosthetic leg. The damage to the pelvis is pretty severe, and there's a chance that it may not heal well enough for me to be able to ever walk again on a prosthetic leg. This has me pretty bummed out/depressed.

The insurance adjuster came out and labeled my Harley as a "total loss". They will figure out a price, and if I am in agreement with the price, we'll settle with me being able to retain custody of the bike. (I won't let them keep it, even if it is wrecked.) Also wrecked/totaled is my prosthetic leg. I knew that there was some damage to the leg, but I didn't realize that it was as severe as it was. My "leg man" said that the only remedy is to replace the knee and foot, as both were severely damaged in the crash. So, the property damage aspect as far as the insurance company goes is going to be pretty stiff - in the tens of thousands of dollars. The health settlement is months away, as I am still not finished, by a long shot, with the treatments the doctors have planned for me. I still have a physical therapist who visits me twice a week, though I've managed to put him off thus far for this week. Sometimes, I just hurt too badly to partake in the p.t. exercises.

I still have the cast on my left arm, and I can still feel the broken bones in the arm - which indicates to me that the healing process there is also slow-going.

I don't understand this "100% Bed Rest" order from the doctors, as I can see no benefit from laying in the bed all the time. I guess they have their reasons, but it seems pretty redundant to me.

I guess that about sums things up from this end. Y'all take care of yourselves, and be good to one another. Life's way too short for making mountains out of mole hills. If you're a friend, make yourself known. I'm gone.