Thursday, March 17, 2011

Busy, Hectic, Chaotic: Just an ordinary day in our life.

Greetings to one and all:

Things around the Rogers Household are going along rather well.  At present, we are down in Georgia (can't seem to stay away from this state, regardless of how hard I try!) to attend the wedding of a close family friend.

The past several weeks have been "fun".  We were so blessed to have a "few friends" stay with us for several weeks. There are 12 of them in all, and it really was an honest-to-goodness blessing to have them with us.  When they departed our home, even though our 7 were still present, we were overwhelmed at how quiet and silent our home really is!

Upon our return to Tennessee next week, we are very excited about the fact that we will be getting 15 new windows for our home!!!  It still amazes me at how overjoyed and thrilled that we can get over something as ordinary and mundane as windows. But, when you factor in the astronomical costs associated with heating/cooling our big old house, then you'd arrive at the realization that windows are actually something that one can become very excited about.

In other family news, my dad will celebrate his 72nd birthday this coming Sunday.  Now THAT makes me feel old.  In this grown man's mind, my daddy is still as youthful and energetic as he was when I was a small boy.  It certainly makes you think of our own mortality when you realize that your parents are "getting on up there in years".  I'm just glad, honored, and blessed to still have both living parents - there's lots of folks who can't say that.

I guess that's about it as far as 'updates' go.  I'm more than certain that I've neglected to share something, but that goes with the territory, I reckon.

Take care, y'all!

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