Saturday, March 22, 2014

Ten years - a decade -  is a very long time. A lot can happen in ten years: 2 presidential terms and half of a third will have already transpired. The Duggars could have an additional 10 members to add to their family!

Today marks a decade since I officially set foot on the Appalachian Trail for the hike that I've become known for. All I can say is "WOW!". The book that I've been promising for years remains unfinished - I need someone to help me with it - know anyone interested in the job?

I vividly remember the mindset I'd had prior to starting the trail, and how much it changed 180 degrees by the time that I finally completed it. The things that I thought were important in the beginning had completely dissipated by the end.

The trail was an amazing experience. One that I'm not sorry that I did, but would not do again. Of course, I'm now a decade older, and my body isn't as resilient as it was 10 years ago. 

In the decade since, I've still not finished the now-infamous book that was started so many years ago... Anyone want to help me with it?? (I'm serious - I really need help with it!)

In the years since, I've enjoyed the occasional hike - getting out and enjoying the great outdoors with my sons. In fact, we're going to hike a stretch next month that will take us 10 days to complete. So, if you're anywhere near the Smokies & you see us out & about, feel free to join us - hike a bit, enjoy a meal, or just say hello. I love meeting new people!!

If you're reading along, please take the time to drop me a comment letting me know that you're reading this - not for my ego, but to let me know that my time in writing this hasn't been in vain.

See y'all up the trail!

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Charles Vaughn said...

Hey brother I'm reading it. Sounds good, and encouraging.