Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A whole dumptruck load of blessing, dumped right on top of me!

Okay, I can't hold this in anymore - I gotta share it before I bust.

For starters, and as a disclaimer, Leisa doesn't really like sharing "private details", and I appreciate that. However, blessings like the ones I've been receiving cannot be held in - I absolutely HAVE to share!!!

Y'all, God's gooder than good... He's more awesome than awesome... He's something far more that mere words can describe, and the euphemisms used above don't even come remotely close to how I'm feeling about Him right now. 

No, that's not right... He IS all of those plus a whole lot more, regardless of how I "feel" about Him.. That being said, here's what's happened to me over the course of 2 days, which were 3 weeks apart.

Three weeks ago, we were blessed with what I call a "King's Gift". I realize that some of you wouldn't regard this as a "King's Gift", but those of you who don't are mostly city-folk who can't appreciate us boondock saints who heat solely with wood. We were blessed with a brand-spanking-new 35-ton wood splitter. Being somewhat "limited/incapacitated/handicapped", that was seriously a King's Gift, and it's "tons" easier on my back....

Fast foreword to today. Not many of you know that I had my Voc-Rehab case reopened a few weeks ago. (For those who don't know what Voc-Rehab is, it's a government agency that takes folks who have worked in the past, but due to disability have found themselves on SS/SSDI, get 'em training, and help 'em find a job..

So, today I met with my VR worker to go over the "plan" that's been drafted out for me... I expressed a desire to receive training as an Insurance Claims Adjuster... Y'all, this blows me away... Per the plan I signed, here's a list of what they're covering:

A.) Find & Pay for training, & books.
B.) Wardrobe for candidate training. (They're getting me new clothes, as if I really need them...)
C.) Pay for transportation to/from training. (They're paying for my gas to go to school.)
D.) Pay for state certification/licensing fees after completion of coursework.
E.) After course completion & obtaining licensing, they're gonna (again) buy me new clothes to work in, assist me in finding a job, and pay my potential employer my first 3 months' salary in order to "train" me... (They're essentially paying someone to hire me!)
F.) In order to make me presentable/desirable for potential employers, they're setting me up with a dentist to have all of my dental needs met, and they're sending me to an optometrist in order for me to have the correct optical prescription. (I won't be blind as a bat anymore.)

I've been self-employed for a few years, and the market on my work is being squeezed out, as folks just don't have money to part with anymore.... This is nothing short of a Godsend/Miracle.....

Okay, as if that wasn't enough to inflate my spiritual balloon of trust, I get home this afternoon, and my phone rings... An acquaintance (not a friend, just someone I've met a handful of times) calls me and asks if I'm home.. I answered that I was.. He said he'd be over in a few minutes, as he'd just gotten out of the woods from hunting... He gets here, reaches in his pocket, hands me an envelope, and said "The Lord laid you on my heart.. Use it for firewood or for whatever else you need." After he left, I opened the envelope.. Inside were FIVE $100 bills.........

Y'all, I can't handle anymore of this... Beyond humbled, beyond loved, beyond anything.... I'm experiencing something that I've lacked for a very, VERY long time: H-O-P-E. I can't wait to see what God's gonna build me into...

Thanks for allowing me to share.

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