Saturday, May 9, 2015

If I am nothing else, I am consistently inconsistent. With that said, I now proceed.

I still have not received the insurance adjuster training, but am still moving in that direction. Always hopeful - without hope, I would be defeated (Or would that be "de-feeted" for me?)

On March 31, our dear friends Randy & Lori Hensley, along with their 6 children, became homeless as the result of an early morning fire that destroyed their mobile home. Since tat time, they have been residing here with us in our home. They are nearing a settlement with their insurance company, but will not have much at all to start over with. Efforts to raise money for them has resulted in very little. People (including "Christians") have so little compassion for their fellow man. And we actually wonder what's wrong with churches in America today!?!?! 

Following 5 months of denials & appeals, I finally received approval for a new prosthetic leg, which I received 3 weeks ago. The socket does not fit correctly, so I return to Knoxville on Tuesday to be casted/fitted for another socket.... That will take 2-3 weeks and who knows how many trips back & forth to Knoxville, but at least the problem is being remedied.

I hope you are all well.

That's it for now.

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